Nut Looseness Indicator/Fastening Standard – Many Benefits

Date:2019-07-01 View:2578

The fastening label on the right picture is not in the direction initially set, indicating that the nut is loose and unsafe. Other settings are clockwise or counterclockwise.

We often find that many trucks have traffic accidents caused by loosening nuts. If we can find loosening nuts in advance and maintain them in time, we can prevent similar accidents.

Therefore, the indicator of nut loosening/tightening mark of automobile is created for this purpose.

With this indicator, we can carry out routine checks, and once the screw is loose, we can know the problem at the first time through the pointing of the indicator, and repair it regularly. Another safety feature of the indicator is its thermal sensitivity. When the external temperature is higher than the normal working temperature, the indicator will melt, indicating that the bearing axle or brake will be in trouble.