Cautions for Installation of Fastening Standard

Date:2019-07-01 View:3197

Because of the different specifications of the domestic screw, although the flexible material has been used in customizing the fastening standard, the No. 32 and No. 33 tire screw are applicable, the No. 33 screw may be slightly tight, and the No. 32 screw is slightly loose, but there will still be loosening on individual No. 32 screw, mainly due to the non-standard and excessive screw. Wear and tear. In the case of too loose, it is suggested that the fastening label of the smaller size should be chosen instead of wrapping one or more routes on the fastening label with plastic bags, because the fastening label can only play a substantial role by fastening nuts. If the plastic bags are wrapped, once the plastic bags are heated and melted, the fastening label will naturally fall off, and it can not be lifted loosely. Nor can it play the role of heat sensitivity.

When the fastening mark is installed, when the arrow is facing the hub axle head, it is not recommended to use if it touches the axle head, because once the arrow melts due to the heat of the axle head, it will also lose the function of nut loosening prompt. If the load-bearing axle is large, an integral nut loosening preventer must be adopted.